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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Abstract Video
IOT01 EMACS : Design and Implementation of Indoor Environment Monitoring and Control System (IoT)   2017 Download Download
IOT02 Smart Voting (IOT).  2017 Download Download
IOT03 Developing fish feeder system using Raspberry Pi (IoT)  2017 Download Download
IOT04 Design of an Energy Efficient IOT Enabled Smart System Based On DALI Network Over MQTT Protocol (IOT)  2017 Download Download
IOT05 Design of a solar power Electronic Voting Machine (IoT)  2017 Download Download
IOT06 Intelligent pillbox Automatic and programmable Assistive Technology device (IoT)  2017 Download Download
IOT07 Reconfigurable Smart Water Quality Monitoring System in IoT Environment (IoT)  2017 Download Download
IOT08 A Wireless IoT System Towards Gait Detection in Stroke Patients (IoT)  2017 Download Download
IOT09 Microservice-based IoT for Smart Buildings (IoT)  2017 Download Download
IOT10 IOT base Smart Home Appliances by using Cloud Intelligent Tetris Switch (IoT)  2017 Download Download
IOT11 An IoT Based Remote HRV Monitoring System for Hypertensive Patients IoT  2017 Download Download
IOT12 Vehicle Seat Vacancy Identification using Image Processing Technique (IOT)  2017 Download Download
IOT13 A Wireless Continuous Patient Monitoring System For Dengue Wi-Mon (IoT).nbsp; 2017 Download Download
IOT14 A Privacy-Preserving Pay-by-Phone Parking System (IoT)  2017 Download Download
IOT15 Smart Crossing System using IoT  2017 Download Download
IOT16 Embedded video processing on Raspberry Pi  2017 Download Download
IOT17 Design and Implementation of a Fingerprint Based Lock System for Shared Access   2017 Download Download
IOT18 Lightweight Mashup Middleware for Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Control Automation  2017 Download Download
IOT19 A Real-Time Flood Alert System for Parking Lots (1)  2017 Download Download
IOT20 Multiple motion control system of robotic car based on IoT to produce cloud service  2017 Download Download
IOT21 Electronic Visits in Primary Care Modeling, Analysis, and Scheduling Policies.  2017 Download Download
IOT22 Embedded control system for smart walking assistance device  2017 Download Download
IOT23 Challenges and Opportunities of Waste Management in IoT-enabled Smart Cities A Survey  2017 Download Download
IOT24 Private and Secured Medical Data Transmission and Analysis for Wireless Sensing Healthcare System  2017 Download Download
IOT25 Fall detection system and Body positioning with Heart Rate Monitoring  2017 Download Download
IOT26 Advance Automatic Toll Collection & Vehicle Detection During Collision using RFID  2017 Download Download
IOT27 Design and development of Personal Assistive Device for Elderly  2017 Download Download
IOT28 RFID-Based Attendance Management System  2017 Download Download
IOT29 Secure IoT Platform for Industrial Control Systems  2017 Download Download
IOT30 A Smart Approach on Collecting Working Condition Data from Home Appliances under the Field Test  2017 Download Download
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