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Code No. Project Title Payment Video
AN01 Farmer Web App Buy
AN02 Mehanics Findout Sms Alert Sytem Buy
AN03 Help System Enterprenur-Women Scale Buy
AN04 Android Job Portel Buy
AN05 Find Friend App Buy
AN06 Online Tourism App Buy
AN07 Special School Child Education Donation System Buy
AN08 School Bus Tracking Android App Buy
AN09 Real Time Product Monitoring & Tracking System using fingerprint authentication Buy
AN010 Student location tracker system in android Buy
AN011 Android application for college website system Buy
AN012 Android based voting system Buy
AN013 Android charity app Buy
AN014 Android tollgate automation app system Buy
AN015 Android based child care safety unit Buy
AN016 Wastage food delivery sms alert apps system Buy
AN017 An application of mobile computing for student complaint Buy
AN18 School application entry app Buy
AN19 Patient Tracker self Diagonstic alert system Buy
AN20 Patient tracker Self Diagonstic Self Alert System Buy
AN21 Exam hall Allocation System Buy
AN22 Event management system Buy
AN23 E-learning App Buy
AN24 Android based alumni management Buy
AN25 Placement Unit App Buy
AN26 Online donor app Buy
AN27 College Notificaiton Alert App system Buy
AN28 Exam Hall Allocation using android-dotnet Buy
AN29 Health Care Appointment Search App Buy
AN30 online bus pass renewal system using android Buy
AN31 onloading and uploading in my privacy Buy
AN32 Privacy Preserving Public Auditing in cloud storage using android Buy
AN33 rumor dataset filtering from twitter using android Buy
AN34 food calories diet info app system Buy
AN36 garpages complints sms tracking app system Buy
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