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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Abstract Video
EM01 Internet of Things Mobile – Air Pollution Monitoring System (IoTMob-air)  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM02 GSM Based Low-cost Gas Leakage, Explosion and Fire Alert System with Advanced Security.  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM03 Waste Water Management for Smart Cities.  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM04 Design and Implementation of an Interactive Road Safety System for Young Bikers.  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM05 Vehicle Accident Prevent cum Location Monitoring System.  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM06 IoT-Based Interactive Dual Mode Smart Home Automation.  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM07 A Novel Parking Management System, for Smart Cities, to save Fuel, Time, and Money.  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM08 Development of Voice Control and Home Security.  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM09 Towards A Novel Approach for Designing Smart Classrooms.  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM10 Animal monitoring based on IoT technologies.  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM11 Monitoring of Mining Workers At High Altitude.  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM12 Smart School Bus: Ensuring Safety On The Road For School Children.  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM13 An in-pipe leak detection robot with a neural-network based leak verification system.  (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM14 A Face Recognition Method in the Internet of Things for Security Applications in Smart Homes and Cities.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM15 OB CITY – Definition of a Family- Based Intervention for Childhood Obesity Supported by Information and Communication Technologies.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM16 Automated Medical Waste Segregation Machine   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM17 Railroad Track Condition Monitoring Using Inertial Sensors and Digital Signal Processing: A Review.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM18 Planning and Navigation of Climbing Robots in Low-Gravity Environments.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM19 Diagnostic Measurement Practices for Instrument Transformers.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM20 Design Of A Monitoring System For Waste Management Using IoT.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM21 Multi Purpose Security System in Automobile Industry.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM22 An Intelligent Dress Uniform Identification System.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM23 A Two-Stage Data-Driven Approach for Image- Based Wind Turbine Blade Crack Inspections.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM24 IoT application for real-time monitoring of Solar Home Systems based 3G connectivity.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM25 Vehicle breaking Support System.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM26 Distributed Inference Condition Monitoring System for Rural Infrastructure in the Developing World.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM27 Automatic Detection of Wind Turbine Blade Surface Cracks Based on UAV- taken Images.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM28 ECG-Based Secure Health care Monitoring System.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM29 A Health Remote Monitoring Application based on Wireless Body Area Network.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM30 Intelligent Medicine Box For Medication Management Using IOT.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM31 Health Monitoring and Tracking System For Soldiers using IOT.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM32 A Smart Home Appliance Control System For Physically Disabled Person.    (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM33 Design and Implementation of a Bluetooth-Based MCU and GSM for Wetness Detection.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM34 Health Monitoring System for Elderly and Disabled People.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM35 IoT Based Smart Edge for Global Health: Remote Monitoring with Severity Detection and Alerts Transmission.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM36 IoT-Fog based Healthcare Framework to Identify and Control Hypertension Attack.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM37 Non-invasive Flexible and Stretchable Wearable Sensors with Nano- based Enhancement for Chronic Disease Care.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM38 Vital Sign Measurement in Telemedicine Rehabilitation Based on Intelligent Wearable Medical Devices.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM39 Cattle Health Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM40 Health-monitoring of pregnant women Design requirements, and proposed reference architecture.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM41 A New Design Approach for Gesture Controlled Smart Wheelchair Utilizing Microcontroller.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM42 Adjustment of Bed for a Patient Through Gesture Recognition.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM43 An Intelligent Mobile Agents System for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Monitoring.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM44 Wearable Heart Rate Sensor Systems for Wireless Canine Health Monitoring.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM45 A Wireless Continuous Patient Monitoring System for Dengue.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM46 On Access Control in Cabin-Based Transport Systems.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM47 Arduino Based Smart Fingerprint Authentication System.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM48 End to End IoT Based Hazard Monitoring System.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM49 Monitoring Effect of Air Pollution on Agriculture using WSNs.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM50 Bluetooth GPS Application Based On Latitude And Longitude For Child Tracking Model.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM51 A Wireless Health Monitoring System Using Mobile Phone Accessories.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM52 Monitoring physiological variables of mining workers at high altitude.    (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM53 Novel Approach to Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring based on Transmittance and Refraction of Visible Laser Light    (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM54 Private and Secured Medical Data Transmission and Analysis for Wireless Sensing Healthcare System    (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM55 SelfPowered ZigBee Wireless Sensor Nodes for Railway Condition Monitoring.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM56 A Wireless Sensor Monitoring Node Based on Automatic Tracking Solarpowered Panel for Paddy Field Environment   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM57 Towards an Energy-Efficient Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection Engine for Embedded System.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM58 Anti-theft protection of vehicle by GSM & GPS with fingerprint verification.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM59 Embedded Control System for Smart Walking Assistance Device.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM60 Direct and indirect sensing two axis solar tracking system.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM61 A smart meter design and implementation using ZigBee based Wireless Sensor Network in Smart Grid.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM62 Child Safety Wearable Device.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM63 Vehicle Information Communication Safety Combined with Mobile RFID System.    (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM64 Low Cost Assistive Outdoor Navigation System for Blind People.    (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM65 A Two-level Traffic Light Control Strategy for Preventing Incident- Based Urban Traffic Congestion.    (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM66 Real-Time Signal Quality-Aware ECG Telemetry System for IoT Based Care Monitoring.    (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM67 Real-time Traffic Light Recognition Based on Smart Phone Platforms.    (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM68 RFID-Based Attendance Management System.    (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM69 Towards Intelligent Arabic Text-to-Speech Application for Disabled People    (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM70 Design and Implementation of a Fingerprint Based Lock System for Shared Access.   (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM71 Low-Cost, Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance for Mobile Robots.    (IEEE 2020) Download Buy
EM72 The Design of hand gesture robot software based on wireless technology  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM73 Design and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network for Precision Agriculture Operating in API Mode  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM74 A Community-based IoT Personalized Wireless Healthcare Solution Trial  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM75 Infrared and Visible links for medical Body Sensor Networks  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM76 A System for Detection and Tracking of Human Movements Using RSSI Signals  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM77 Wireless Controlled Smart Digital Energy Meter and theft control using GSM with GUI  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM78 Animal monitoring based on IoT technologies  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM79 Smart-Home Automation using IoT-based Sensing and Monitoring Platform  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM80 IoT Goes Nuclear: Creating a ZigBee Chain Reaction  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM81 Indoor Localization Using Visible Light Communication And Image Processing  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM82 Data Analysis and Information Security of an Internet of Things (IoT) Intelligent Transit System  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM83 EH-HL: Effective Communication Model by Integrated EH-WSN and Hybrid LiFi/WiFi for IoT  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM84 Design of a wireless sensor network based IoT platform for wide area and heterogeneous applications  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM85 WSN Architecture for Smart Irrigation System  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM86 Door Automation System based on Speech Command and PIN using Android Smartphone  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM87 An OFDM Testbed for LiFi Performance Characterization of Photovoltaic Modules  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM88 indoor Anti-Collision Alarm System Based on Wearable Internet of Things for Smart Healthcare  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM89 IoT based Smart Home Automation System using Sensor Node  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM90 IoT in the Fog: A Roadmap for Data-Centric IoT Development  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM91 An IoT-Enabled Stroke Rehabilitation System Based on Smart Wearable Armband and Machine Learning  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM92 BLE Beacons for Internet of Things Applications: Survey, Challenges and Opportunities  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM93 Continuous Patient Monitoring with a Patient Centric Agent: A Block Architectur  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM94 Internet of Things Enhanced User Experience for Smart Water and Energy Management  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
EM95 Automatic Gate using Bluetooth technology  (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
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