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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Abstract Video
EM142 Wristband-Type Driver Vigilance MonitoringSystem Using Smart Watch  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM143 LIFI (Light Communication)Based Home Indoor Temperature Monitor  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM144 A Self-Powering Wireless Environment Monitoring System Using Soil Energy  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM145 A Portable Fall Detection And Alerting System Based On K-Nn Algorithm And Remote Medicine  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM1146 A Low-Cost And Noninvasive System For The Measurement And Detection Of Faulty Streetlights  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM147 Solar-Powered Wireless Temperature Sensor Based On UWB RFID With Self-Calibration  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM148 A Smart Sensor Network For SeaWater Quality Monitoring  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM149 User-Friendly Monitoring System For Residential PV SystemBasedOnLow-CostPowerLine Communication.  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM150 Automatic Detection And Notification Of Potholes And Humps On Roads To Aid Drivers  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM151 An Embedded Passive Resonant Sensor Using Frequency Diversity Technology For High-Temperature Wireless Measurement  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM152 Networked Illumination Control with Distributed Light-Harvesting Wireless Sensors  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM153 Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module Download Download
EM154 A Cost Effective Automatic Online Bus Information System using RFID and ZigBee Download Download
EM155 Detecting Faults in Doubly Fed Induction Generator by Rotor Side Transient Current Measurement Download Download
EM156 An Approach to Automate Power Meter Reading & Billing System Download Download
EM157 Intelligent accident identification system using GPS, GSM modem Download Download
EM158 An Efficient Geometric feature based License Plate Localization and Stop Line Violation Detection System Download Download
EM159 Optimal Prediction Intervals of Wind Power Generation Download Download
EM160 Passenger BUS Alert System for Easy Navigation of Blind Download Download
EM161 Vehicle control system implementation Using CAN protocol Download Download
EM162 Real Time Vehicle Locking and Tracking System using GSM and GPS Technology-An Anti-theft System Download Download
EM163 Locking and Unlocking of Theft Vehicles Using CAN Download Download
EM164 Automatic Steering of Farm Vehicles Using GPS Download Download
EM165 Driverless Intelligent Vehicle for Future Public Transport Based On GPS Download Download
EM166 Zigbee-based Location System for Forest Search and Rescue Missions Download Download
EM167 HyGeneNet: Intelligent Hand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System to Prevent Hospital Acquired Infections Download Download
EM168 Automated Intelligent Wireless Drip Irrigation Using Linear Programming Download Download
EM169 Design of Remote Intelligent Smart Home System Based on Zigbee and GSM Technology Download Download
EM170 Online Monitoring of Green House Gas Leakage in Industries Download Download
EM171 LED and CMOS Image Sensor Based Optical Wireless Communication System for Automotive Applications Download Download
EM172 Location-Aware and Safer Cards: Enhancing RFID Security and Privacy via Location Sensing Download Download
EM173 T-Finder: A Recommender System for Finding Passengers and Vacant Taxis Download Download
EM174 A Smart Prepaid Energy Metering System to Control Electricity Theft Download Download
EM175 Pre-paid Remote Energy Meter monitoring and Overvoltage Protection through Electricity using GSM Network Download Download
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