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Code No. Project Title Abstract Video
PH52 Agricultural Subsidy for Implements and Fraudulent Detection Download
PH53 Exam Hall Invigilation Download
PH54 Hostelvacation Download
PH55 Matrimonial Portel Download
PH56 My Privacy My Decision: Control of Photo Sharing on Online Social Networks Download
PH57 No Duess Fees Alert system Download
PH58 Student marks parent sms alerting system Download
PH59 Rto_license_Renewal system Download
PH60 newspaper agencies customer billing alert system Download
PH61 Student Information System Download
PH62 Automatic Question Generation System Download
PH63 Real Estate Management System Download
PH64 Transit Pass Automation Download
PH65 Online Examination System Download
PH66 Credit Card Fraud Detection Download
PH67 Bug Reporting System Download
PH68 A Hotel Reservation System Download
PH69 B2C E-com Portal Download
PH70 Air freight pursue Download
PH71 Airline Management Systems Download
PH72 Garment Management System Download
PH73 E-Smart-Security For E-Business Download
PH74 Human Resource Procurement Download
PH75 Office Software Product Download
PH76 VecorartPro Online Order Allocation and Maintenance Download
PH77 Nautical Telematics system Download
PH78 On the Heel Property Search Download
PH79 Online share trading system Download
PH80 S2S Gateway Download
PH81 E Commerce Product Rating Based On Customer Review Mining Php Download
PH82 Gas Agency System Download
PH83 Matrimonial Portal Project Php Download
PH84 Multi Website Advertisement Handling System Download
PH85 Online Bakery Shop System Php Download
PH86 Online Cake Shop System Download
PH86 Online Ebook Maker Project Download
PH87 Online Furniture Shop Project Php Download
PH88 Online Herbs Shopping Php Download
PH89 School Result Creation Project Download
PH90 The Cibil System Project Php Download
PH91 Advanced Reliable Real Estate Portal Download
PH92 Bikers Portal Download
PH93 Daily Expense Tracker System Php Download
PH94 Warehouse Management System Download
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