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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Abstract Video
PS01 Energy Management and Control Strategy of Photovoltaic/Battery Hybrid Distributed Power Generation Systems With an Integrated Three-Port Power Converter (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS02 Microgrid Energy Management System for Reducing Required Power Reserves (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS03 An Ultra-Low Power Multi-Level Power-on Reset for Fine-Grained Power Management Strategies (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS04 Stochastic Multi-objective Economic/Emission Energy Management of a Microgrid in Presence of Combined Heat and Power Systems (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS05 Hybrid PEM Fuel-Cell-Solar Power System Design for Electric Boat with MPPT System and Fuzzy Energy Management (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS06 Congestion Management based Optimal Sizing of PV System using MultiVerse Optimization Algorithm (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS07 Digitalized-Management Voltage-Domain Programmable Mechanisms for Dual-Vdd Low-Power Embedded Digital Systems (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS08 Advanced Online Volt/var(Q) Control System for Optimal Voltage Profile (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS09 Fuzzy Power Management for Internet of Things (IOT) Wireless Sensor Nodes (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS10 Economic Operation Platform for Power Grid Company (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS11 One-day ahead predictive management of building hybrid power system improving energy cost and batteries lifetime (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS12 Impact of Renewable Energies Integration in Interconnected Power System: Transmission-Distribution (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS13 Virtual power plant energy optimisation in smart grids (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS14 Design and Implementation of a Fully Controllable Cyber-Physical System for Testing Energy Storage Systems (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS15 Innovative Practice of Line Loss Management Model Based on Big Data (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS16 Energy management system for a remote renewable fuel cell system (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS17 Asset Performance Enhancement Initiatives on Major Switchgears and Transformers in CLP Power Hong Kong (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS18 An Energy Management System With Optimum Reserve Power Procurement Function for Microgrid Resilience Improvement (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS19 Management of Mobile Energy Generation and Storage System (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS20 Energy Storage System Application in MEA Building (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS21 The Improvement of ĞManagement of Nonconformities and Corrective Actions" Process in the Design of the Power Supply System of Tram Lines (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS22 Review of Power Conversion and Energy Management for Low-Power, Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting Powered Wireless Sensors (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS23/td> Automated Integration of Dynamic Power Management into FPGA-Based Design (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS24 Architecture Design of Communication and Backhaul for UAVs in Power Emergency Communication (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS25 An Ordered Curtailment Strategy for Offshore Wind Power Under Extreme Weather Conditions Considering the Resilience of the Grid (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS26 Hybrid Access in Storage-class Memory-aware Low Power Virtual Memory System (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS27 Research on Wide-area Distributed Power Quality Data Fusion Technology of Power Grid (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS28 Predictive Control of Flexible Resources for Demand Response in Active Distribution Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS29 A Novel Multi-mode Electric Power Emergency Communication System (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS30 Dynamic load-shedding for enhancement of power system stability for the Lesotho 132 kV transmission network (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS31 Study of Coordinated Reactive Power Control for Distribution Grid Voltage Regulation with Photovoltaic Systems (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS32 Electrical and Electronic Technologies in More-Electric Aircraft: A Review (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS33 Application of micro-grid control system in smart park (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS34 Impact of Control Systems on Power Quality at Common DC Bus in DC Grid (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS35 Integrated Control of Renewable Energy and Fault Restoration for Distribution Systems (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS36 Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) with PV System Integration in Smart Grids: Case Study (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS37 Risk Mitigation Strategies for Emergency Power Upgrades in Critical Facilities (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS38 Modified Power Reserve Management Solution in Power System Considering Frequency Constraints (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS39 Research on Linkage Model of Network Resource Survey and Vulnerability Detection in Power Information System (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS40 A Review of Power System Flexibility With High Penetration of Renewables (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS41 Day-ahead scheduling of integrated electricity and district heating system with an aggregated model of buildings for wind power accommodation (IEEE 2019) Download Download
PS42 A Family of Neutral-Point-Clamped Circuits of Single-Phase PV Inverters: Generalized Principle and Implementation (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS43 A Highly Efficient and Reliable Inverter Configuration Based Cascaded Multi-Level Inverter for PV Systems(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS44 A Multilevel Transformerless Inverter employing Ground Connection between PV Negative Terminal and Grid Neutral point (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS45 A New Six-Switch Five-Level Active Neutral Point Clamped Inverter for PV Applications(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS46 A Novel Single Stage Single Phase Reconfigurable Inverter Topology for a Solar Powered Hybrid AC/DC Home(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS47 A Single-Phase Transformerless Inverter with Charge Pump Circuit Concept for Grid- Tied PV Applications (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS48 An Improved Zero-Current-Switching Single-Phase Transformerless PV H6 Inverter with Switching Loss-Free(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS49 Delta Power Control Strategy for Multi-String Grid-Connected PV Inverters (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS50 Design of C´uk Derived Transformerless Common Grounded PV Micro-inverter in CCM (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS51 Modified Single-Phase Single-Stage Grid-tied Flying Inductor Inverter with MPPT and Suppressed Leakage Current(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS52 Modulation Technique for Single-Phase Transformerless Photovoltaic Inverters with Reactive Power Capability (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS53 Non-linear PWM Controlled Single-phase Boost Mode Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Inverter with Limited Storage Inductance Current(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS54 Reactive Power Control for Single-phase Grid-tie Inverters using Quasi Sinusoidal Waveform (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS55 Single-stage Three-phase Current-source Photovoltaic Grid-connected Inverter with High Voltage Transmission Ratio (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS56 A Medium Frequency Transformer-Based Wind Energy Conversion System Used for Current Source Converter Based Offshore Wind Farm (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS57 Bipolar Operation Investigation of Current Source Converter-Based Wind Energy Conversion Systems (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS58 Control Strategy of Wind Turbine Based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator and Energy Storage for Stand-Alone Systems (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS59 Novel Isolated Power Conditioning Unit for Micro Wind Turbine Applications (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS60 Replacing the Grid Interface Transformer in Wind Energy Conversion System With Solid- State Transformer (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS61 A Decentralized Dynamic Power Sharing Strategy for Hybrid Energy Storage System in Autonomous DC Microgrid(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS62 Bi-Directional Single-Stage Grid-Connected Inverter for Battery Energy Storage System (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS63 Control of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Involving Energy Storage and Pulsed Loads(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS64 Electric Vehicle Charging Station with an Energy Storage Stage for Split-DC Bus Voltage Balancing(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS65 Hybrid Energy Storage System MicroGrids Integration For Power Quality Improvement Using Four Leg Three Level NPC Inverter and Second Order Sliding Mode Control (IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS66 Analysis, Design, Modelling and Control of an Interleaved-Boost Full-Bridge Three-Port Converter for Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS67 Design and Implementation of an Amorphous High Frequency Transformer Coupling Multiple Converters in a Smart Micro Grid(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS68 Dual-DC-Port Asymmetrical Multi-Level Inverters with Reduced Conversion Stages and Enhanced Conversion Efficiency(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS69 Dual-Transformer based Asymmetrical Triple-Port Active Bridge (DT-ATAB) Isolated DC-DC Converter(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS70 A 4-Switch Single-Stage Single-Phase Buck-Boost Inverter(IEEE 2017) Download Download
PS71 A Highly Reliable and High Efficiency Quasi Single-Stage Buck-Boost Inverter(IEEE 2017) Download Download
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