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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Payment Video
NS01 Intrusion detection system using voting-based neural network(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS02 An evaluation method of internal network security defense ability based on device traffic(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS03 Communication Security Design of Distribution Automation System with Multiple Protection(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS04 DeepKeyGen: A Deep Learning-Based Stream Cipher Generator for Medical Image Encryption and Decryption (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS05 Implementation of Low Delay Distribution Terminal Security Protection(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS06 Security Issues in Narrowband-IoT: Towards Green Communication (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS07 Research on the Design of the Implementation Plan of Network Security Level Protection of Information Security (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS08 Cubemap-Based Perception-Driven Blind Quality Assessment for 360-degree Images (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS09 Time-Series Snapshot Network for Partner Recommendation: A Case Study on OSS(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS10 A Content-based Image Retrieval Scheme Using Compressible Encrypted Images (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS11 A New Image Encryption Algorithm for Grey and Color Medical Images (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS12 Quantitative Evaluation of an Automated Cone-Based Breast Ultrasound Scanner for MRI–3D US Image Fusion(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS13 Compressive Spectral Imaging Via Virtual Side Information (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS14 SAR image de-noising via grouping-based PCA and guided filter (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS15 Distributed Learning and Inference With Compressed Images(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS16 An Image Reconstruction Method of Capacitively Coupled Electrical Impedance Tomography (CCEIT) Based on DBSCAN and Image Fusion (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS17 Coarse-to-Fine Lung Nodule Segmentation in CT Images With Image Enhancement and Dual-Branch Network (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS18 Rings for Privacy: An Architecture for Large Scale Privacy-Preserving Data Mining(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS19 Cine Cardiac MRI Motion Artifact Reduction Using a Recurrent Neural Network (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS20 Hierarchical Image Segmentation Based on Nonsymmetry and Anti-Packing Pattern Representation Model(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS21 A Wide Multimodal Dense U-Net for Fast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS22 Hierarchical Image Segmentation Based on Nonsymmetry and Anti-Packing Pattern Representation Model (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS23 Boosting Single Image Super-Resolution Learnt From Implicit Multi-Image Prior (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS24 Optimizing an Image Coding Framework with Deep Learning-based Pre- and Post-Processing (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS25 Distributed Learning and Inference With Compressed Images(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS26 Determination of Soil Moisture Content using NS2 -A Survey (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS27 High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Captioning Based on Structured Attention(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS28 A Framework for Hexagonal NS2 Using Hexagonal Pixel-Perfect Approximations in Subpixel Resolution (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS29 Correcting Higher Order Aberrations Using NS2 (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS30 DenseNet model with RAdam optimization algorithm for cancer image classification (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS31 Technical analysis of intelligent NS2 of tea (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS32 Adversarial Attack Against Deep Saliency Models Powered by Non-Redundant Priors (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS33 Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Network With Category-Centric Prototype Aligner for Biomedical Image Segmentation (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS34 Transfer Learning for Automatic Brain Tumor Classification Using MRI Images(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS35 Cubemap-Based Perception-Driven Blind Quality Assessment for 360-degree Images (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS36 Komondor: a Wireless Network Simulator for Next-Generation High-Density WLANs (IEEE 2021) Download Buy
NS37 Poster Abstract: Evaluation of a LoRa Mesh Wireless Networking System Supporting Time-Critical Transmission and Data Lost Recovery (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS38 Power Allocation with a Wireless Multi-cast Aware Routing for Virtual Network Embedding (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS39 Cluster Head Selection based on Neural Networks in Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS40 A Method for Planning Wireless Terminal Access Network Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS41 The Concept of 2-Layer Routing for Wireless 5G Networks and Beyond (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS42 An Anonymous Routing Scheme for Preserving Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS43 Weighted Proportional Allocation Based Power Allocation in Wireless Network Virtualization for Future Wireless Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS44 On the Negatively Correlated Eavesdropper in Indoor Wireless Body Area Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS45 Performance Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks Under Adverse Scenario of Attack (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS46 Enhanced Distance-Based Gossip Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS47 Load- and Interference-Balance Hybrid Routing Protocol for Hybrid Wireless Mesh Network (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS48 End-to-End Delay Analysis of a Wireless Sensor Network Using Stochastic Network Calculus (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS49 Real Time Monitoring of High Temperature of Remote Places Using Wireless Sensor Network Without use of any Peripheral Hardware (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS50 Leaf-Compatible Autonomous RFID-Based Wireless Temperature Sensors for Precision Agriculture (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS51 2.4/5.8GHz Dual-band Rectifiers for Aerospace Wireless Sensor and RF Energy Harvester System (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS52 Weighted DV-Hop Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network based on Differential Evolution Algorithm (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS53 An Energy-efficient Metric for Relay Selection in Large-Scale Multi-hop Wireless Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS54 Comparison of TCP Congestion Control Algorithms in Network Coded Relaying Scheme (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS55 A wireless sensor network localization algorithm based on particle swarm optimization aided least square support vector machine (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS56 An Energy Consumption Control Scheme Based on Radial Basis Function in Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS57 Data Separation Considering Smoothness of Sensing Data in Physical Wireless Parameter Conversion Sensor Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS58 A New Load Balancing Routing Scheme for Wireless Body Area Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS59 A New Approach of Energy Efficient Load Balancing for Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS60 Maximizing Secrecy Rate and Payoff Through Wireless Virtualization in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS61 Context-Aware Caching with Social Behavior in MEC-Enabled Wireless Cellular Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS62 In-network performance measurements for Software Defined Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS63 Statistical study of energy and time costs of fault tolerance in Multilevel and EDCR protocols (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS64 S-PRAC: Fast Partial Packet Recovery with Network Coding in Very Noisy Wireless Channels (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS65 Multi-Channel Utilization for Local Data Sharing in Multi-Layered Wireless Robotic Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS66 A System Design of Tight Physical Integration for Large-Scale Vehicular Network Emulation (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS67 Modern Agriculture Using Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS68 Advanced Design of Wireless Communication Network for Building Monitoring (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS69 Development of a Human Body Phantom Model for Wireless Body Area Network Applications (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS70 Wireless Neural Network: Enabling Neural Computing over Wireless Sensor Network Based on Superposition Transmissions(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS71 Asymmetric Hidden Node Problem Aware Routing Metric for Wireless Mesh Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS72 An efficient localization algorithm for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS73 Analysis of the Evaluation Index for Jamming Partition Battlefield Wireless Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS74 Hybrid Optical Wireless Network Based on Visible Light Communications (VLC)-WiFi Heterogeneous Interconnection (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS75 Directive and Reconfigurable Antenna for Wireless Sensor Network to Improve Link Quality between Nodes (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS76 Simulated Kalman Filter Optimization Algorithm for Maximization of Wireless Sensor Networks Coverage (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS77 Energy-Aware Clustering Algorithms Used in Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS78 Application of Wi-Fi and LoRa Technologies for Wireless Measurement of Physical Quantities(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS79 Energy Efficient Ad Hoc Networking Devices for Off-the-Grid Public Safety Networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS80 An Analysis of a Large Scale Wireless Image Distribution System Deployment (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS81 Hybrid WSN Node Deployment optimization Strategy Based on CS Algorithm (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS82 A PSO Based Malicious Node Detection and Energy Efficient Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS83 Data Transfer Methods for Information-Centric Networking-Based Wireless Sensor Network Platform (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS84 CFTM: A centralized fault tolerant mechanism for wireless sensor networks (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS85 Research on Wireless Interference Co-location Method Based on Virtual Nodes (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS86 Design of Wireless Sensor Network Location Algorithm Based on TDOA (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
NS87 Dynamic Connectivity Establishment and Cooperative Scheduling for QoS-Aware Wireless Body Area Networks (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
NS88 On Modeling Shortest Path Length Distribution in Scale-Free Network Topologies (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
NS89 Real-Time Intersection-based Segment Aware Routing Algorithm for Urban Vehicular Networks(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
NS90 Traffic-Aware Efficient Mapping of Wireless Body Area Networks to Health Cloud Service Providers in Critical Emergency Situations(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
NS591 A Realistic Distributed Conditional Privacy Preserving Authentication Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
NS92 Dense-Device-Enabled Cooperative Networks for Efficient and Secure Transmission(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
NS93 MobiT Distributed and Congestion Resilient Trajectory Based Routing for Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
NS94 An Efficient Message-Authentication Scheme Based on Edge Computing for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
NS95 CISRP connectivity-aware intersection-based shortest path routing protocol for VANETs in urban environments (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
NS96 ROSE: Robustness Strategy for Scale-Free Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 2017) Download Buy
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