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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Payment Video
PE01 An Improved Three-Stages Cascading Passivity-Based Control of Grid-Connected LCL Converter in Unbalanced Weak Grid Condition(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE02 Study on Battery Charging Strategy of Electric Vehicles Considering Battery Capacity(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE03 Extended Geometric Feature Extraction Process for Detecting Multiple Frequency Oscillations in KEPCO System(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE03 Parameter Adjustment for the Droop Control Operating a Discharge PEC in PMG-Based WECSs With Generator-Charged Battery Units(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE04 Fuzzy Logic Control for Solar PV Fed Modular Multilevel Inverter Towards Marine Water Pumping Applications(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE06 A Comprehensive Review of Microgrid Control Mechanism and Impact Assessment for Hybrid Renewable Energy Integration(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE07 Review of Methods to Accelerate Electromagnetic Transient Simulation of Power Systems(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE08 Reliability of Silicon Battery Technology and Power Electronics Based Energy Conversion(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE09 Design and Application of a Self-Powered Dual-Stage Circuit for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE010 An Active Voltage Stabilizer for a DC Microgrid System(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE11 A Transformer-Less Voltage Equalizer for Energy Storage Cells Based on Double-Tiered Multi-Stacked Converters(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE12 Modified Phase-Shift Scheme for Optimal Transient Response of Dual-Active-Bridge DC/DC Converters Considering the Resistive Impact(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE13 The Evolution of Faster-Than-Nyquist Signaling(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE14 WBG-Based PEBB Module for High Reliability Power Converters(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE15 Voltage Lift Switched Inductor Double Leg Converter With Extended Duty Ratio for DC Microgrid Application(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE16 Voltage Lift Switched Inductor Double Leg Converter With Extended Duty Ratio for DC Microgrid Application(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE17 Comparative Analysis of Hybrid NPP and NPC Seven-Level Inverter With Switched-Capacitor(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE18 Improved Dynamic Response of DC Microgrid Under Transient Condition Using Inertia by Virtual Generation(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE19 Robust Adaptive Beamforming Based on Low-Complexity Discrete Fourier Transform Spatial Sampling(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE20 An Experimental Investigation on Output Power Enhancement With Offline Reconfiguration for Non-Uniform Aging Photovoltaic Array to Maximise Economic Benefit(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE21 On the Generalization and Reliability of Single Radar-Based Human Activity Recognition(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE21 Polarity Effect of Impulse Conditioning Characteristics under a Uniform Electric Field in Vacuum(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE22 Space Charge Behavior of Quantum Dot-Doped Polystyrene Polymers(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE23 A Method of Tuning Frequency in S-Band Continuous-Wave Magnetron(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE24 MOPGO: A New Physics-Based Multi-Objective Plasma Generation Optimizer for Solving Structural Optimization Problems(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE25 Machine Learning Based Intentional Islanding Algorithm for DERs in Disaster Management(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE26 A Sub-Synchronous Oscillation Suppression Strategy for Doubly Fed Wind Power Generation System(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE27 Faulty Line Identification Method Based on Bayesian Optimization for Distribution Network(IEEE 2021) Download Buy
PE28 A Unified Power Flow Controller Using a Power Electronics Integrated Transformer(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE29 Carrier-Based Digital PWM and Multirate Technique of a Cascaded H-Bridge Converter for Power Electronic Traction Transformers(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE30 Port Controlled Hamiltonian Modeling and IDA-PBC Control of Dual Active Bridge Converters for DC Microgrids(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE31 A network-based approach for modeling resonant capacitive wireless power transfer systems(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE32 Interpolation algorithm considering simultaneous solution and instantaneous solution for power electronics electromagnetic transient simulation(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE33 A Multi-Load Wireless Power Transfer System With Series-Parallel-Series Compensation(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE34 Electrical and Electronic Technologies in More-Electric Aircraft: A Review(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE35 Pressureless Silver Sintering on Nickel for Power Module Packaging(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE36 Transient Behaviors of Multiscale Megawatt Power Electronics Systems—Part II: Design Techniques and Practical Applications(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE37 Transient Behaviors of Multiscale Megawatt Power Electronics Systems—Part I: Characteristics and Analysis(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE38 Computer-Aided Identification of Equivalent Power Electronics Converters(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE39 Improving Onboard Converter Reliability for More Electric Aircraft With Lifetime-Based Control(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE40 Design and Optimization of a Solar Power Conversion System for Space Applications(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE41 A Comprehensive Review of Maritime Microgrids: System Architectures, Energy Efficiency, Power Quality, and Regulations(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE41 Mitigation of Interharmonics in PV Systems With Maximum Power Point Tracking Modification(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE42 Research on AC & DC hybrid power supply system with high-proportion renewable energy of data centre(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE43 Modeling of power supplies for power modulators with LTspice(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE44 Power Quality Control of Smart Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids: An Overview(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE45 High-Frequency Three-Phase Interleaved LLC Resonant Converter With GaN Devices and Integrated Planar Magnetics(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE46 A review of gallium nitride power device and its applications in motor drive(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE47 Review of Power Conversion and Energy Management for Low-Power, Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting Powered Wireless Sensors(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE48 Current-Sensorless Power Factor Correction With Predictive Controllers(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE49 Systematic Reliability Modeling and Evaluation for On-Board POWER ELECTRONICSs of More Electric Aircrafts(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE50 Direct Power Control Method With Minimum Reactive Power Reference for Three-Phase AC-to-DC Matrix Rectifiers Using Space Vector Modulation(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE51 Energy Management and Control Strategy of Photovoltaic/Battery Hybrid Distributed Power Generation Systems With an Integrated Three-Port Power Converter(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE52 Design and Experiment of a High Average Power Ku-Band TE01 Mode Gyro-TWT(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE53 Collaborative unbalance compensation method for high-speed railway traction power supply system considering energy feedback(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE54 Predictive Power Control for DFIG: A FARE-Based Weighting Matrices Approach(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE55 Auxiliary Power Supply for Medium-Voltage Power Converters: Topology and Control(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE56 Optimal Phase-Shift Control to Minimize Reactive Power for a Dual Active Bridge DC–DC Converter(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE57 Multivariable High-Frequency Input-Admittance of Grid-Connected Converters: Modeling, Validation, and Implications on Stability(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE58 Measurement of Lightning-Induced Overvoltage in Power Distribution Lines Using Ceramic-Capacitor Insulator(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE59 Gate-driver circuit with a variable supply voltage to influence the switching losses(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE60 Fully Implantable Cochlear Implant Interface Electronics With 51.2- µ W Front-End Circuit(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE61 An Efficient Power Management Circuit Based on Quasi Maximum Power Point Tracking With Bidirectional Intermittent Adjustment for Vibration Energy Harvesting(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE62 Multi-frequency power system for renewable source integration in smart grid(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE63 Time Domain Analysis of Reactive Components and Optimal Modulation for Isolated Dual Active Bridge DC/DC Converters(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE64 Interleaved Resonant Boost Inverter Featuring SiC Module for High Performance Induction Heating(IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE65 Maximum Boost Control of Diode-assisted Buckboost Voltage Source Inverter with Minimum Switching Frequency (IEEE 2019) Download Buy
PE66 Modeling and Optimization of a Zero Voltage Switching Inverter for High Efficiency and Miniaturization(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE67 A New Class of Single-Phase High-Frequency Isolated Z-Source AC-AC Converters with Reduced Passive Components(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE68 A Novel Nine-Level Inverter Employing One Voltage Source and Reduced Components as High Frequency AC Power Source(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE69 Enhanced-Boost Quasi-Z-Source Inverters with Two Switched Impedance Network(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE70 High Voltage Gain Half-Bridge Z-Source Inverter with Low Voltage Stress on Capacitors(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE71 Quasi Cascaded H-Bridge Five-Level Boost Inverter (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE72 Steady-State Analysis and Design Considerations of High Voltage Gain Switched Z-Source Inverter with Continuous Input Current (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE73 A Novel Method of Reducing Commutation Torque Ripple for Brushless DC Motor Based on Cuk Converter (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE74 Commutation Torque Ripple Reduction in BLDC Motor Using Modified SEPIC Converter and Three-level NPC Inverter (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE75 Commutation Torque Ripple Suppression Strategy for Brushless DC Motors With a Novel Non-inductive Boost Front End(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE76 Design and Demonstration of High Power Density Inverter for Aircraft Applications (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE77 Quasi-Z-Source Indirect Matrix Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive for Flow Control of Dye in Paper Mill(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE78 A New Integration Method for an Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System Using LCC Compensation Topology: Analysis and Design (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE79 Bidirectional Current-Fed-Half-Bridge (C)(LC) –(LC) Configuration for Inductive Wireless Power Transfer System(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE80 Higher Order Compensation for Inductive-Power-Transfer Converters with Constant- Voltage or Constant-Current Output Combating Transformer Parameter Constraints (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE81 Modeling and Analysis of AC Output Power Factor for Wireless Chargers in Electric Vehicles(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE82 SiC based Z-Source Resonant Converter with Constant Frequency and Load Regulation for EV Wireless Charger(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE83 Simultaneous Wireless Power/Data Transfer for Electric Vehicle Charging(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE84 A cascaded Couple Inductor- Reverse high step up converter integrating three-winding coupled inductor and diode-capacitor technique(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE85 A New Negative Output Buck-Boost Converter with Wide Conversion Ratio(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE86 A Novel Structure for Single Switch Non-Isolated Transformerless Buck-Boost dc-dc Converter (IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE87 Analysis and Design of Impulse Commutated Zero Current Switching Single Inductor Current-fed Three-phase Push-pull Converter(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE88 Design and Analysis of a Class of Zero Fundamental Ripple Converters(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE89 High-Efficiency Asymmetric Forward-Flyback Converter for Wide Output Power Range(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE90 Passive Regenerative and Dissipative Snubber Cells for Isolated SEPIC Converters: Analysis, Design, and Comparison(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE91 A Dual Buck-Boost AC/DC Converter for DC Nano--Grid with Three Terminal Outputs(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
PE92 Analysis and Design of an Input-Series Two-Transistor Forward Converter for High-Input Voltage Multiple-Output Applications(IEEE 2018) Download Buy
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