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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Abstract Video
PS72 A Fast LP Approach for Enhanced Utilization of Variable Impedance Based FACTS Devices (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS73 A Hybrid Controller Design for Complex Network Systems with Hybrid Automaton-Based Convergence Analysis(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS74 A Novel Software Model for Enhancement of System Performance and Security through an Optimal Placement of PMU & FACTS (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS75 Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Based Approach for Power Quality Monitoring and Data Compression(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS76 Designing of an Optimized Building Integrated Hybrid Energy Generation System (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS77 Identification of hybrid wind power unit control parameters for the purpose of loses optimization (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS78 Localization and Sizing of FACTS Devices for Optimal Power Flow in a System Consisting Wind Power Using HBMO(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS79 MAS-Based Energy Management Strategies for a Hybrid Energy Generation System (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS80 Power Flow and Generator-Converter Schemes Studies in Ship MVDC Distribution Systems(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS81 Modeling and Nonlinear Optimal Control of Weak/Islanded Grids Using FACTS Device in a Game Theoretic Approach(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS82 Rapid Implementation of Solid-State Based Converters in Power Engineering Laboratories (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS83 SSR Damping in Fixed-Speed Wind Farms using Series FACTS Controllers(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS84 Three-Phase Unbalanced Power Flow Using a p-Model of Controllable AC-DC Converters(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS85 Transient Stability Improvement using Thyristor Switched Series Capacitor (TSSC) FACTS Device(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS86 Unified Distributed Control for DC Microgrid Operating Modes(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PS87 A High Efficiency Flyback Micro-inverter With a New Adaptive Snubber for Photovoltaic Applications(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS88 High Step-Up Converter With Three-Winding Coupled Inductor for Fuel Cell Energy Source Applications(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS89 Optimized Operation of Current-Fed Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter for PV Applications (IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS90 Online Variable Topology-Type Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS91 High-Gain Resonant Switched-Capacitor Cell-Based DC/DC Converter for Offshore Wind Energy Systems(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS92 New Interleaved Current-Fed Resonant Converter With Significantly Reduced High Current Side Output Filter for EV and HEV Applications (IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS93 Sensorless Drive for High-Speed Brushless DC Motor Based on the Virtual Neutral Voltage(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS94 Independent Control of Two Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors Fed by a Four-Leg Inverter(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS95 Online Inverter Fault Diagnosis of Buck-Converter BLDC Motor Combinations (IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS96 A Unity Power Factor Bridgeless Isolated Cuk Converter-Fed Brushless DC Motor Drive(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS97 Loss-Free Resistor-Based Power Factor Correction Using a Semi-Bridgeless Boost Rectifier in Sliding-Mode Control(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS98 A Novel Control Scheme of Quasi-Resonant Valley-Switching for High-Power-Factor AC-to-DC LED Drivers(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS99 Power Factor Corrected Zeta Converter Based Improved Power Quality Switched Mode Power Supply(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS100 Dual Active Bridge-Based Battery Charger for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Charging Current Containing Low Frequency Ripple(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS101 A Novel Wall-Switched Step-Dimming Concept in LED Lighting Systems using PFC Zeta Converter(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS102 Analysis and Design of Single-Switch Forward-Flyback Two-Channel LED Driver with Resonant-Blocking Capacitor(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS103 Resonance Analysis and Soft-Switching Design of Isolated Boost Converter With Coupled Inductors for Vehicle Inverter Application(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS104 An Adaptive ZVS Full-Bridge DC–DC Converter With Reduced Conduction Losses and Frequency Variation Range(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS105 An Integrated High-Power-Factor Converter with ZVS Transition(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PS106 A Novel Load Adaptive ZVS Auxiliary Circuit for PWM Three-Level DC–DC Converters(IEEE 2015) Download Download
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